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Natural Chelation 
100% Natural Mineral  This product is 100% natural earth mineral ZEOLITE. Zeolite buffers the system slight alkalinity by establishing ph levels of 7.35 to 7.45 which is the optimum PH for the body.  Zeolite appears to remove toxins from the body in a hierarchical order. It first acts strongly to remove the lead, mercury , cadmium and arsenic. The first phase may take one to four weeks or longer. Zeolite then removes the secondary priority toxins, including pesticides, herbicides, and plastics. Zeolite also appears to increase the rate of glucuronization in the liver, activating phase 2 of the glucuronidese function. This in turn removes, pesticides, herbicides and xenoestrogens from the body, releasing them through the urine and gastrointestinal tract. One of the benefits of binding toxins in this manner is that 100 percent is excreted. Also neutralizes the aflatoxin poisons.  Keeps your blood Alkaline.                    .

gr Micronized Zeolite Chabazite & Clinoptilolite 1 month supply

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